ZX-300 High Speed Automatic Cartoning Machine


ZX-300 high speed packing machine is suitable for packing medicine, pillow bags, hoses, ampoules and similar articles. It can run continuously with the highest speed up to 300 boxes/min, with high packing efficiency, stable quality and convenient operation. It is a high-tech product of mechanical-electrical integration machine. And can automatically complete the manual folding, paper box opening, plate packing, printing batch number, sealing and other work, using frequency conversion speed regulation, man-machine interface PLC control, photoelectric monitoring of each station operation, if there is a fault in the operation, can automatically stop the machine to show the reason, in order to timely troubleshooting. It can be used alone, and can be connected with pillow-press machine, aluminum-plastic machine and other equipment to form a production line.

PLC control, frequency control, electrical components are international famous brand.

The use of man-machine interface operating system, instead of the original domestic exhaust design principle, and the use of the international advanced chain type of new structure, improve the performance of the production efficiency.

The product adopts rotary suction box method, which accurately puts the box into the box packing machine chain grid belt.

Equipped with foreign advanced origami machine, the paper speed is fast and smooth, easy to operate

The way of pushing the material is to pull the original single group of pushing material, and adopted the principle of the rear group of pushing material, the movement is stable, the speed is fast, suitable for mass production.




Max boxing speed



Size range of cardboard box


说明书Instruction book


Paper material



Unfolded size range



Folded size range

1-4  folded

纸盒材料Box material


主要电机功率Main motor power

5 kw

电源Power supply

380V  50Hz  (220V  60 Hz)

工作压力Work pressure

0.5-0.7 Mpa


Compressed gas consumption:

≥ 0.3m3/h


Dimensions (length × width × height):


整机重量Machine weight

3000 Kg